We provide our clients with confidence in our professionalism and creativity to deliver exceptional experiences with genuine GOGO wow-factor, and a precious social legacy.

We support people facing complex barriers to employment.

Meaningful work builds independence, creates inclusion and connection and gives people choice and freedom. This forms our mission at The GOGO Foundation.

Lucy Randall, Australian Hotels Association '19

“GOGO events has assisted the AHA|SA for a decade now and we look forward to many more to come. Sarah and her team had a wonderful eye for detail
and are more than willing to assist in any way to ensure that the theming looks stunning and the event runs seamlessly”.

Brett Manuel, Dept. of Children Protection '19

"The team have an established ‘discovery’ and scoping methodology... They are the masters of ‘bringing people on the journey’, creating enthusiasm and casting an exciting vision that motivates people to be involved and get the best out of them.”

Crew Member, GOGO Events '17

"I am still in recovery from mental illness and from being homeless and do not think it is possible for me to work in mainstream employment at this time. Working for GOGO Events though is achievable and feels meaningful and very positive. I no longer feel outside of my comfort zone.”